Adrian COROIAN, Iulian LUPEA


In the present paper, are presented the acoustics sources for overall interior sound of car and the transfer path for each source. These acoustic and vibration sources can be classified in structure borne and air-borne noise. The structure-borne noise contains the noise coming from the excitation forces and transmitted from the vibrating sources to the vehicle body through the attachment points. The air-borne noise is the radiated noise from the source which is transferred in the air through panels of the car body to passenger compartment. In the second part of this study, to find the natural frequencies and the associated modes shapes for both structure and air cavity, the normal mode analysis of the structure and the air has been performed by using finite element analysis . In order to do the analysis, a prototype has been built to simulate the interior cavity of a medium size automobile.

Key words: structure-borne, airborne, finite element analysis, normal mode analysis

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