Răzvan PACURAR, Ancuta PACURAR, Adrian Sever RADU


In this article, there are presented few aspects of the research that was made by the authors in the
field of Wind Turbine Rotor design. Several variants of turbines were designed, and then analyzed, by using
the finite element analysis Ansys program, in order to compare their efficiency and performances. The
selected prototypes were manufactured on the SLS equipment - Sinter station 2000, which exists within the
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Regarding the efficiency of the rotors, there are a lot of
geometrical factors, which influences the power produced by the turbines, like the profile of the rotor
blades, the number of the blades, the delay between the blades, etc. On the other hand there are factors that
pertain to the rotors manufacturing process or factors that are dependant by the properties of the wind
(wind velocity, direction of the wind, etc). All these aspects were taken into account in the designing
process of the wind turbine rotor, so as, at the end, the turbine could be easily adapted to our region
(Transylvania, Romania).

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