Adrian TODORUŢ, Nicolae CORDOȘ, István BARABÁS, Monica BĂLCĂU


This paper assesses from the mathematical point of view the pre-collisions velocities and the distance traveled by car in the braking process, surprised by physical models. For evaluating these quantities are take into account: the number and length of skid mark; type of braking system; nature and condition of the road; the longitudinal inclination of the road; state of the driver. For different longitudinal gradients of the road and the different states of the driver - he is expecting for danger; he is not previously approved by the possible accidents, having a normal behavior in situations requiring immediate danger; circulating during sunrise and twilight - the obtained results surprise the initial velocity variations on the delay time of braking phases, given as wheel lock and brake effective and on this basis is used to assess total stop area by perception-reaction time of the vehicle driver, surprising the perception-reception-reaction phase in the braking process which depends exclusively on state driver. Working algorithm developed allows changing the input data and obtain results with graphical interpretation for different states of the driver and vehicle operating in various situations that facilitate the assessment and comparison of different conditions studied.

Key words: vehicle, braking process, breaking skid marks, speed, calculation algorithm

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