Ildikó Renata MUNTEANU, Péter DANI, Botond-Pál GÁLFI, Leonard SERBINA


The thermal protection of the steel structural elements represents a very important goal of the civil engineers. One of the modalities consists of applying an uniform layer of the so-called intumescent paint, which during the fire, becomes a very thick cover (growing up to several cms), presenting a high-efficiency thermal insulating behavior. The authors conceived and realized an original electric oven and tested a well-accepted steel joint [3; 4; 5; 7; 9; 10]. This joint was foreseen both with a uniform paint layer and with a non-uniform one, based on the Shape-factor (Massivity) calculus [1; 2]. The joints were loaded with a nominal force in a tensile-compression testing machine. Based on the obtained preliminary results, the authors intend to continue these investigations in an international co-operation.

Key words: electric oven, intumescent paint, paint’s thickness optimization

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