Florina Liliana URECHE, Vasile Filip SOPORAN, Glad CONŢIU


The aim of the hereby paper is the modeling of physical and technological phenomena present in the EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), for the technological purpose of optimizing the technological parameters for forecasting the form of the imprint generated in the process. The materialization of this objective led to the technological development of an instrument consisting of two parts completing each other. In the first part, the aim is to optimize the approximation of the thermal energy flow produced by the EDM device, by means of a cubic spline regression function cancelled at the end of the radius, which uses the regression points found mostly on the Gaussian bell. The second part, different from the first one, but also leading to optimizations of the EDM processes, consists of the application of the triangular cut of fuzzy numbers logics and FAHP method (Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process) on certain essential characteristics of the EDM. They are applied for designing mathematical models allowing interventions within the important processes for the optimization of the results obtained during the materials processing where wire erosion is used. This “fuzzy” mathematical model, which is an innovation in this field, provides beneficial effects, using both the qualities of the essential features of the EDM processes, as well as the experimental measurements obtained using the wire erosion processing machine

Key words: EDM, modeling, thermal flow optimization, spline function, fuzzy numbers, FAHP algorithm.


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