Alina Georgeta JUMOLEA, George ARGHIR


Particulate reinforced metal matrix composites were made with metallic matrix of aluminium (AlSi5Cu2Mg) reinforced with volume 3 %, 5 %, and respectively 7 % silicon carbide by stir casting. Control specimen (C) presented rounded aluminium-silicon dendrites in microstructure. By adding SiC the microstructure becomes finer, silicon carbide particles are uniform distributed, in grain boundaries, at 7 % SiC clusters appear. Mechanical tensile strength is increasing from 129 MPa of C to 159.5, 164, and respectivelly 158.8 MPa. Tensile yield strength is increasing, comparative to 100 MPa of C, at 119, 126.5, and respectively 117.5 MPa. Relative elongation, comparative to 0.75 % for C, increases at 1.2 %, 1.45 %, and respectively 1.1 %. Yield stress and elongation increase as silicon carbide  increases, having both a slight drop at 7 % SiC. Elastic modulus decreases with increasing of silicon carbide content from 14,850 MPa at C to 9,923, 8,711, and respective 10,729 MPa. Modulus decrease of about 6 % by adding 3 - 7 % SiC in the metal matrix. HB hardness  increases from 60 units for C to 87.05, 92, and respectively 86.5  units when reinforcing material is added. A decrease in hardness is noticed at 7 % SiC. The best mechanical properties are obtained at 5 % SiC added to the aluminium-silicon matrix.
Key words: Metal matrix composite, silicon carbide, mechanical properties.

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