Nicolae MIHĂILESC, Horaţiu IANCĂU, Gheorghe ACHIMAŞ


The following technologies can be used to obtain high-precision metallic parts made of sheet metals: classic stamping followed by strengthening and finishing through stamping; blanking and piercing with special tools operated by presses; precision blanking and piercing with special tools and machining. Precision stamping with special tools and machining belong to the series and mass production for obtaining parts with high dimensional accuracy, and the surfaces resulting through separation have a quality comparable with that met in grinding. The success of fine stamping operations mainly depends on controlling some parameters such as the clearance between the punch and the cutting die, respectively the pressure level applied by the clamping ring and the counter-punch. Achieving detailed information about the mechanics of the deformation and separation process applied to the semi-finished product allows eliminating the risk of rejection appearance. Using simulation programs is justified exactly through this challenge. Nowadays, the finite element method is widely used in computer-aided design of cold pressing technologies. For the numeric simulation of precision stamping process the program Abaqus/Explicit was adopted.

Key words: fine blanking, finite element method, Abaqus/Explicit

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