Adrian TODORUŢ, Nicolae CORDOȘ, István BARABÁS, Monica BĂLCĂU


The paper evaluates from a physico-mathematical point of view the kinematic values of traffic incidents between motorcycles and passenger cars in their various stages. When evaluating the kinematic values of such incidents we take into account the parameters resulted from the primary search of the incident site. By reconstructing such incidents one aims to determine the velocity variation of the motorcyclist (man/woman - 5; 50; 95%), according to the distance covered by the motorcyclist from the initial impact until they reached the ground – the total distance of the impact, also taking into consideration the angle of the trajectory. In the situation of different impact angles of the motorcyclist until they reached the ground – the distance covered in air after impact as well as the total impact one, are determined according to the sliding distance covered on the type of soil that they have been projected on, by following the dependence between these kinematic values. The results obtained are in a graphic form and they offer the possibility of catching the various stages of the incident. The numerical model developed can be applied to solve a large number of cases of such motorcycle - passenger car traffic incidents in order to establish their dynamics when produced as well as their reconstruction.

Key words: passenger car, motorcyclist, traffic incident, kinematic values, numerical modeling

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