Ovidiu-Aurelian DETEŞAN, Florin BUGNAR, Claudiu Mihai NEDEZKI, Adrian TRIF


The paper presents the graphical simulation of the TRR small-sized robot, using SimMecRob. Starting from the definition of the initial data, concerning the robot’s geometry and from a set of configurations specific to the technological process, which must be reached at certain time moments, the set of the configurations are graphically represented as kinematic sketches, both individually and in a combined form. The time variations of the operational coordinates, velocities and accelerations are then plotted, for three variants of the technological process. Using a program written in MathCAD, the time variation of the Cartesian coordinates of the end-effecter’s characteristic point is presented in the second part of the paper, representing the trajectory of the characteristic point, in the Cartesian space.

Key words: TRR robot, graphical simulation, MathCAD, SimMecRob, trajectory.

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