Adrian TODORUŢ, Nicolae CORDOȘ, István BARABÁS, Radu Daniel MUREŞAN, Monica BĂLCĂU


 This paper presents a study by experimental and simulation methods on the behaviour of different classes of passenger cars in cornering, this being a common situation for their control loss and occurrence of the road accidents. The study also attempts to provide a clearer picture on the modification of the manoeuvrability degree of the passenger cars for different loads. The different states of the rolling track surface determine the variation of the friction coefficient that do not only change the limit at which the skidding occurs, but also the behaviour of the car until it has reached this limit. Within the experimental determinations, the parameter values were chosen so as to characterize the real situations frequently encountered in the cornering process, considering the factors that influencing their movement and tendency of the cars in cornering. The computer simulations, highlights the evaluation of the parameters whose variation determines a change of the manoeuvrability degree for the passenger cars. The results, from the experimental methods and computer simulation have graphics interpretation, enabling a comparative study of them.

 Key words: cornering, oversteering, understeering, passenger car, manoeuvrability, lateral acceleration.

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