Ionuţ Gabriel GHIONEA, Nicolae IONESCU, Adrian GHIONEA, Saša ĆUKOVIĆ, Sergiu TONOIU, Mădălin CATANĂ, Iqbal JAMSHED


This paper addresses methodological and applied issues to design spur gear pumps. Based on the requirements raised by a Romanian production partner, the overall objective of this research is to identify several design alternatives and to propose improved construction solutions, which are strongly backed by mathematical validation and finite element simulation. The parametric design is simulated using finite element method to prove the concept for a wider range of flow rates. Using tools like CATIA and Visual Basic programming language, the proposed strategy presents the results summarizing the values of maximum stress, deformation and the percentage calculation error for each constructive solution.

Key words: FEM analysis, Spur gears pump, Parametric modelling, Pump flow.

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