Nicu-Marian TRANDAFIR, George ARGHIR


The filler metal Nocolok Sil Flux with 33,3 % silicon is an ideal material for braze some nickel plates with an aluminum plate, in a heat exchanger intended to hybrid vehicles. The Ni/Al brazed joint made with Nocolok Sil Flux has a higher quality compared the Ni/Al brazed joint made with Nocolok Flux. This quality refers especially to: less defects at the Ni/Al interface due the fluidity which silicon confers to the filler metal and due the complete filling of capillary spaces between base metals; uniform thickness; greater mechanical resistance; sustainability and traceability; improve the energy exchange which the heat exchanger must ensure due the better acoustic properties of silicon. Nocolok Sil Flux it is certainly a very good alternative.

Key words: brazing, nickel-aluminum brazing

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