Abstract: In the case of the multibody systems (MBS), as example the mechanical robot structure, and in accordance with differential principles typical to analytical dynamics of systems, the study of dynamical behavior is based on the generalized forces. They are developed in the direct connection with the generalized variables, also named independent parameters corresponding to holonomic mechanical systems. But, mechanically, the generalized forces are due to: driving sources of the mechanical motion, gravitational forces, manipulating loads, as well as complex frictions from physical links between the kinetic ensembles belonging to MBS. The expressions of definition of the generalized forces contain on the one hand kinematical parameters corresponding to absolute motions, on the other hand the mass properties. The last are highlighted by mass and position of the mass center, inertial tensors and pseudoinertial tensors. By means of the especially researches of the author, in this paper new formulations concerning the kinematical parameters, generalized forces and dynamics equations of the current and sudden motions will be presented. The dynamics study will be also contain acceleration energy and its time derivatives according to differential equations of higher order, typically to analytical dynamics of systems.

Key words: analytical dynamics, mechanics, generalized forces, dynamics equations, robotics.

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