George-Horea CRIȘAN, Nicolae FILIP


 Abstract: This paper aims to identify the negative consequences of non-compliance revisions program of an urban public transport fleet and also identifying ways to optimize maintenance activity, through a case study conducted using a database management system and a data simulation program. The research has been carried out based on academic literature and carriers concrete maintenance problems and it has proposed finding directions for maintenance activity optimization, using computational programs. The paper identifies the effects of non-compliance revisions schedule on the incidence of defects occurrence, fuel consumptions, revisions time and costs, reparations time and costs. Thus, it can be created a maintenance program focused on reducing the number of accidental failures and lowering their consequences by applying an analytic algorithm using data archived in the database. The originality of the paper is that allows the identification and ranking of results generated by the poor maintenance of transport fleet analyzed in the case study, through developing a computer application that allows the simulation data from the carrier maintenance database.

Key words: buses, maintenance, database, simulation program, optimization.

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