Alexandru VLADEANU, Marcel MIGDALOVICI, Daniela BARAN, Gabriela VLADEANU


In the article, a version of control of the bucket position used in the stage of finishing of the digging works executed with the hydraulic excavators with backhoe attachment is presented. This system has the magnetostrictive sensors mounted on the hydraulic cylinders of the working equipment. The relations of calculus for the hydraulic cylinders lengths for manoeuvre of the boom, stick and bucket in function of the bucket cutting edge position are presented. An application for a certain case is presented, establishing the correlation between the hydraulic cylinders lengths for to realize a linear trajectory of digging. The theoretical considerations are used at the identification and approximation through polygon segments of a trajectory which respects a compatible optimization criterion.

Key words: hydraulic excavator, working equipment, hydraulic cylinder, magnetostrictive sensor, the control of the bucket position, optimization.

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