Silviu NASTAC, Carmen DEBELEAC, Petronela NECHITA


This work deal with the foam-formed composites based on low density cellulose (LDC) and using the procedure of air dried foam fibre (ADFF). The authors present some assessments about shock insulation properties of such materials taking into account different types of base fibrous material starting with cellulose fibres with high purity and mixed in various percentages with fibres from recycled paper. Using a pendulum-based experimental setup for impact tests and acquiring the impact force and the striker acceleration signals respectively, it was evaluated the sample deformation, the impact bending strength, and the force – deformation diagram. Finally, it was performed a comparative analysis based on the restoring and the dynamic amplification coefficients, the sample total and residual deformations, and the maximum values of impact strength in respect with the first striking cycle.

Key words: shock protection, low density cellulose, foam-formed composites, experimental analysis.

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