Violeta Valentina MERIE, Florina Maria ȘERDEAN, Nicolae Vlad BURNETE, Adina Veronica CRIȘAN, Ștefan Ionuț CRĂCIUN


 Niobium nitride is used in different applications due to its mechanical, tribological, electrical, and optical properties. This paper is a study concerning the influence of the deposition temperature on the mechanical characteristics of niobium nitride thin films at nanoscale. The films were deposited on silicon substrates by direct current magnetron sputtering at different temperatures. The deposition was done at room temperature, at 200 and 400 °C respectively. Atomic force microscopy investigations were performed to determine the mechanical properties of the niobium nitride films. The results pointed out that both the nanohardness and modulus of elasticity are decreasing with the increase in temperature up to 200 °C after which they are increasing when the temperature is increased up to 400 °C.

Key words: niobium nitride, magnetron sputtering, nanoindentation, nanohardness, modulus of elasticity.

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