Polidor BRATU, Adriana STUPARU, Sorin POPA, Ovidiu VOICU, Nicolae IACOB, Gianina SPÂNU


Abstract: The paper presents the results of researches carried out for constructions base isolation technical solutions with dissipative elastic devices rheological modelled as a viscous-elastic compound system. In this context, there are analysed the conditions for the achievement of the equivalent viscous-elastic connection, based on the coupling of elastic and viscous devices in a Newton -Voigt -Kelvin structure. On this basis, the dynamic analysis highlights the level of the dynamic response by the significant amplitudes of the instantaneous displacements to dominant spectral frequency of the seismic excitation. In the end, there are presented the parametric variation curves which allow the assessment of the dynamic isolation level and the efficiency of the viscous – elastic link, used as construction base isolation system (buildings, bridges, viaducts) located in seismic prone areas.

Key words: Base isolation, rheological dissipative elastic devices, Newton-Voigt-Kelvin structure, dynamic isolation level assessment.

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