Ionuţ Gabriel GHIONEA, Constantin Gheorghe OPRAN, Adrian Lucian GHIONEA, Cristian Ioan TARBĂ, Saša ĆUKOVIĆ


This paper presents preliminary research results on innovative and adaptive redesign of a magnetic drive micropump with helical gears. We have illustrated some issues of a gears micropump and particularly its worn components caused by the running process in its hydraulic installation. The design procedure and all the ideas involved in the research to improve actual performances relied on a relevant theories and hydraulic principles which affect the performance of the micropump. We have considered real industrial applications of magnetic drive micropumps, such as: textile and ceramic tiles printing, Diesel engines emission controls, fuel additives injection, etc. Accordingly, the micropump has to deal with corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, fuel, anti-icing additives, dyes, detergents, static dissipating additives, so its wear status drew our attention towards an improved and innovative version with the same or higher volumetric efficiency and flow displacement. Our research procedure highlights the competitive advantages of innovative 3D design with technological parameters, numerically simulated, proving the correctness and advantages of the new design variant. Presented innovative CAD solution allows us to develop a series of micropumps, compact, robust, reliable and with low manufacturing costs.

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