Adrian POPESCU, Liana HANCU, Emilia SABAU


The polymeric materials and the composite polymeric materials reinforced with glass fiber are used nowadays on a large scale in various domains of activities. For example, these are extended in aeronautics and aerospace industry, and also in automotive field. Most of the polymeric pieces are obtained by injection, but there also exist parts that need another kind of technology, such as, the extrusion technology, used in this paper. The parts resulted by extrusion are used on a large scale in the installation industry. In this paper we will analyze the influence of the extrusion temperature upon the mechanical characteristic of the polymeric parts from polyamide 6.6 reinforced with 10% fiber glass. We will take in consideration the processing temperatures which have the biggest influence (metering zone temperature and forming zone temperature) upon the extruded product. In order to analyze and determined the optimal values of the temperatures taken into account we will use Design Expert soft. 

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