Vlad-Bogdan TOMOIAGĂ, Marcel Sabin POPA, Glad CONȚIU, Adrian Sorin FAUR, Stefan SATTEL


The process of cutting different material is getting difficult due the good mechanical properties of the new material. According to the evolution of the aeronautical and automotive industry, the materials had to be improved in order to keep the tendency. In parallel, it was necessary to improve the properties of the cutting tools that process this material. Four major directions are intended to be studied in case of the work tools: base material, coating, geometry and microgeometry. The researches have shown that all have a great importance in determining the best durability of the work tool. The article is trying to emphasize the role of the microgeometry in processing the Inconel 718. The material presents difficult cutting properties due to its mechanical and physical properties. One of the machining results is durability, the surface quality and on this criterion will be evaluated the best microgeometry used in drilling the Inconel 718

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