Marius Constantin DAN, Cristina Daniela PRICĂ


The present paper referred to the implication of TQM, LSS and the IATF 16949 approach within automotive industries. The paper proposes an exploratory investigation, based on a review of the specialty literature of the last 7 years, targeting the main problems that occur concerning the quality of the automotive industry at its intersection with aspects of economic and technological development, current sustainability, identifying and analysing specific solutions, opinions and case studies relevant to the practices of the industry. The work aims at identifying and understanding the correct context (2010-2017), comparing the methods and methodologies used in Lean Six Sigma efficiency project implementation driven by the main author with the ones used in the period of interest, the identifying of trends, of progresses, and identifying the placement of realistic expectations concerning the future developments in the field of quality in the automotive industry. The current study is based on a series of research papers published by various authors, representing a synthesis of the analyses regarding the ways of dealing with the methodologies, which were carried out in areas such as: Brazil, the UK, Poland, Spain, Turkey, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and the comparison of these with the practices applied (and experienced by the authors of the present paper) in Romania.

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