Emilia Maria CÂMPEAN, Mihai DRAGOMIR, Marcel BELDEAN, Daniela CHIRAN, Ivan AMBROŠ


The important role of bio-economy and the need to support this domain with adequate innovation frameworks and timely policy and financial interventions was recognized by the European Union starting with the Bio-economy Strategy, in 2012. This document can be read as call to action addressed to all actors in the public and private sectors, as well as a pleading oriented towards the markets to open up to this trend. That is why, workable solutions (bio-economy strategies, good management practices, communication tools) for the organizations from the Danube Region must be available in order to capitalize on the potential of the region.

As many of these actors in the said region are SMEs or R&D units mostly focused on publication, it became apparent that quick and easily accessible solutions are needed to help them get to know and trust each other faster, so they can start working on concrete solutions for the citizens of Europe. This paper discusses the approach and implications of the Interreg DTP project “Made in Danube” mostly from the perspective of the online instruments it makes available for the purpose of better collaboration.

Key words: bio-economy, on-line support, Made in Danube project

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