Anca-Elena IORDAN, Florin COVACIU


In this paper there it is presented an interactive software implemented in the C# programming language using .Net Frameworks platform which allows a efficient solution of a puzzle obtained through Guarini puzzle generalization. This consists in considering 6 knights placed on the chessboard of 3∙n dimension. Three knights are white and are positioned on the first line of the chessboard, and the other three are black and are positioned on the last line of the chessboard. The aim of this puzzle is to move the knights through a minimum number of moves so on the first line we have all the black knights, and on the last line we have all the white knights. This puzzle belongs to a category of problems which can be efficiently resolved using graph theory, that represents a branch of discrete mathematics.

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Key words: Bipartite graphs, Guarini puzzle, C#, .Net Frameworks, UML


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