Radu – Nicolae CORCHEȘ, Cristian – Ioan INOAN, Gheorghe ACHIMAȘ


The authors present a study on the machinability of sheets by cold compressing. Knowing the worka-bility of metal sheets is important for metallic sheet manufacturers, as well as for their users. From the producer's point of view, the problem arises in knowing the characteristics of the plates that are in cor-relation with their processing capacity and determining the parameters of the process of elaborating the plates that influence these characteristics in order to produce some semi-manufactured products with the desired properties. From the user's point of view, the problem arises in choosing, in order to obtain the finished piece of well-defined shape and dimensions, that block which, on the one hand, allows the production of the piece and, on the other, is the cheapest. By machinability, in general, it must be understood, both the capacity of a material to be machined by a certain machining process, and the way it behaves during processing. Usually, this regards the supplier of materials and semi-finished goods, while the one who carries on the processing must know also, the second aspect, related to the behavior manner.
For the assessment of the processing capacity of the plates, over time, several methods have been de-veloped: one part based on simulated tests of the pressing process, another part based on the mechani-cal tests of the blank. In the last years, a more realistic and general method has been introduced for this purpose, namely that of the limit deformation curves (CLD).

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