Seunghyun KANG, Yongwon SONG


With the development of digital storytelling platforms and contents IP (Intellectual Property) businesses in Korea, the demand for fantasy stories that are both aesthetically pleasing and entertaining has been increasing. In this re-search we propose a methodology for creating fantasy stories using TRIZ’s systematic problem-solving process by analyzing A Wizard of Earhsea, one of the fantasy classics, and “The Infinite Wizard”, a Korean popular web-fiction, using V. Propp’s morphological analysis of the fairy tale.  We found that a magic is one of the key factors that determine the aesthetic quality and fun of the fantasy stories, because the magic functions as a problem-solving tool in “struggle → victory” and “difficult task → solution” types of the fairy tale, which forms the axis of structure of the fantasy stories. Based on this analysis, we suggest that TRIZ’s problem-solving process can be used as an algorithm to systematize the process of making creative tasks and innovative magical means in fantasy stories.

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