Gyula SZABÓ, Zoltán BALOGH, Tihomir DOVRAMADJIEV, Anca DRAGHICI, Brigita GAJŠEK, Tanja Jurčević LULIĆ, Michael REINER, Beata MRUGALSKA, Aleksandar ZUNJIC


The Ergonomics and Human Factors Regional Educational CEEPUS Network was established and approved for funding as a result of collaboration between nine universities with a key role in teaching and cultivating ergonomic knowledge and the profession of ergonomist (especially in industrial and logistics systems fields). The prestigious participating universities in Belgrade, Budapest, Krems, Maribor, Nitra, Poznan, Timisoara, Varna and Zagreb aim to promote cooperation in research (providing support for doctoral programs, joint scientific and didactic publications) and in education, at the level of European requirements and standards, but with a focus especially in the Danube region. The aim of the network is to facilitate, encourage and support education, research and professions in the field of ergonomics and the human factor, mainly through mobility, guidance and joint support of doctoral programs (in accordance with existing legislation, rules and regulations in each partner university), and in the long term it is aimed at creating a common doctoral training in the field.

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