Alina Camelia PAVEN, Marian ION, George CARUTASU


If we try to follow the introduction of energy performance rules in national building codes, buildings from today ages consume only half as typical buildings from the 1980s. If we refer to today's buildings, they are responsible for energy consumption in Europe, about 40% and carbon dioxide emissions, 36%. Currently, about 34% of buildings in Europe are over 50 years old and around 74% of the building stock is energy inefficient. At the same time, if we refer to buildings that are in a degradable state, only 1% of them are renovated every year. If we renovate existing buildings, we can lead to a major reduction in energy and investments in energy efficiency can stimulate the economy at a high level, especially in construction industry, because we can see that they are responsible for 9% of gross domestic product and directly for almost 19 million jobs and can reduce energy consumption by about 5 percent and also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5 percent. This paper presents several benefits and particularities on the use of support decision systems and for increasing energy efficiency in smart buildings with the help of renewable energy technology.

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