Marius Marinel STANESCU, Dumitru BOLCU, Mihaela Liana BOGDAN, Ionut Daniel GEONEA, Valeriu IONICA


Starting from the  mathematical model created for the relative displacement of two cog wheels inside of a gearing (model which is expressed under the form of a second-order system of differential equations with parameter'shaped or possibly non-linear excitations) we will present in this work an original method of integrating the matrix movement equation which does make use of the procedure of rendering discrete the time interval during which the concerned movement is observed. The applying of the Laplace integrated transformations which are unilateral in respect to time should lead us towards rendering algebraic the concerned model. This fact could hugely simplify the problem. Furthermore, we should be as well able to provide the graphical representations of the relative displacements for the considered gearing mechanism.

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