Bogdan Emil BUNGARDI, Monica Sempronia PETREA-IZVERICAN, Remus Vasile CHENDES, Andreea Mihaela AGACHE GARBONI


Delays in the construction sector occur frequently in projects and have a major impact on the cost, duration, and quality of the project. Classic management theoretic principles applied, lack of commitment to project management methods altogether with slowing down in the adoption of current technologies could explain problems of project management consisting in frequent project failures. The present research aims to use the lean management method in the construction activity starting with the design management. The paper presents two comparative case studies: the first in the classical management solution and the second using the steps of the lean method, in corroborating the information necessary for: design the installed capacity to produce electricity (photovoltaic solar panels), design their positioning and installation on roofs terrace to existing structures that have undergone various changes over time. In addition, the Investor requested other interventions that required the involvement of several specialists from different fields. Performance indicators were calculated between the two solutions, favourable to the lean method.

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