Bruno RĂDULESCU, Andrei Marius MIHALACHE, Mara RĂDULESCU, Laurențiu SLĂTINEANU, Adelina HRIȚUC, Oana DODUN, Gheorghe NAGÎȚ, Margareta COTEAȚĂ


The problem of machining a spiral groove in a metal workpiece was raised to achieve a device for evaluating the thermal expansion capacity of plastics. It was found that a groove in the form of an Archimedean spiral corresponds to the requirements derived from the operation of a device conceived for developing scientific research. Five alternatives for the machining of the groove have been identified, and the imposed decision method was used to select the most convenient machining alternative. The use of this method involved a comparison of the alternatives two by two and based on previously established criteria to select the alternative of machining the groove in the form of an Archimedean spiral. It was found that for the conditions considered, the most convenient alternative is machining on a milling machine equipped with a numerical control subsystem.

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