Abdelaziz LEBIED, Brahim NECIB, Mohamed Lakhdar SAHLI


In this paper, specific applications dedicated to micro systems are designed to perform micro manipulation tasks intelligently and efficiently. The first approach proposed is a micro manipulator called micro gripper, which is used to manipulate micro objects whose maximum size is 1mm. These useful and sometimes essential devices are designed to perform micro assembly operations or to position a micro object using a microscope after visualization. these micro components with high precision of less than 1 µm. The second approach proposed consists of two applications in the field of micro connections. One of them is a micro beams embedded at one of these extremities and free at the other of the cantilever type. The other one is a structure embedded at the two extremities of the bridge type. These micro beams form the micro commutator. The purpose of our work is to model the deflection of the micro beams proposed under the effect of an external stress based on the electromechanical characteristics of the piezoelectric materials to have a good manipulation of the micro systems and a good connection of the micro commutator. In the course of the work, the performance of these components and for which applications they seem most appropriate will be presented. 

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