Adrian TODORUŢ, Nicolae CORDOȘ, Irina DUMA, István BARABÁS, Nicolae BURNETE, Radu-Mihai EFRIM, Marian-Daniel DRAGOSTE


The paper evaluates, from a physical-mathematical point of view, the stability parameters of the motor vehicles in road accidents with rollover and rolling. Such accidents occur frequently throughout the world, and current standards in this area do not provide an acceptable method of assessing the vehicle rollover stability. The stability of the vehicle during the cornering is a risky stage of the journey due to the additional factors acting on it. The main stability factor is the centrifugal force, which depends on the curvature radius of the road and is very sensitive to the vehicle speed, usually controlled by the driver. The counterforce is produced at the wheel-road interaction, where different types and conditions of the road cause a large variation of the reactions between the wheels and the roadway. Respectively, the stability and manoeuvrability of the vehicle is highly influenced. The paper mainly focuses on the reconstruction of these types of accidents, starting from the final to the initial stage. The initial values can be included in certain stability criteria which could contribute to the analysis of possible errors of the driver, the possibilities to avoid the accident and other technical conditions that can justify the evolution of the road event, respectively the possible conditions for maintaining the transverse stability in the event of overturning and the possibilities to avoid the rolling accidents. Thus, the condition of the vehicle's wheels detaching from the inside of the curve and the condition of reaching the neutral stability position are identified, after which the accident reconstruction is proceeded. It is carried out in the reverse order of the events, starting from the rolling phase, continuing with the skidding phase and the pre-slip phase.

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