Gabriela RUS, Calin VAIDA, Bogdan GHERMAN, Adrian PISLA, Laurențiu NAE, Paul TUCAN, Mihai CIUPE, Doina PISLA


Recent events in our society, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, revealed a series of complex problems in many sectors, where human factors represent the central point. One of the most affected sectors is industry, where the lack of experts often caused disruption of the supply chains. This paper aims to respond to the scarcity of experts in this area, providing possible viable solution in the form of a mentoring platform which gathers together senior experts and mentees, based on the requirements of the industry companies. The proposed mentoring platform focuses on providing capable experts to companies, able to respond to a specific problem in an efficient way, considering that experts are seniors with extensive experience in industry. This becomes achievable through a matchmaking system that can link a senior profile with the stated problem submitted by the companies’ representatives powered by artificial intelligence agents. Some initial results are presented, validating the concept before the market launch.

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