Gheorghe MACOVEI, Ciprian Vasile STAMATE, Viorel PALEU


The additive manufacturing technology is able to produce different types of mechanic components with applicability in various fields of the industry. When these components are subjected to friction and wear, they require good characteristics. This study shows the influence of the UV treatment on the tribological characteristics, applied to samples manufactured by Digital Light Processing (DLP). The tests were performed on the micro-tribometer CETR-UMT2. The applied load was 10N, with a constant sliding speed of 1, on a ball-on-disk set-up. The samples were cured for 0s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 20s. The tests showed a noticeable decrease of the friction coefficient and a lower roughness of the wear trace, for the samples cured for a longer time.

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