Florina-Anca STREMTAN, Massimo GARAI, Iulian LUPEA


Micro-perforated panels (MPP) are used more and more for sound absorption. The characteristics of micro-perforated panels have been studied widely by a lot of researchers and it is recognized that this kind of absorbers is the next generation acoustical materials due to fiber-free nature and attractive design. Helmholtz’s principle is underlying MPP structures that present o series of advantages. In this study two kinds of wood MPP placed at different distances from the rigid back-plate are presented. Their sound absorption coefficient has been measured in the impedance tube and compared with the one that resulted from a mathematical model.

Key words: impedance, micro-perforated panels, sound absorption, wood

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*** ISO 10534-2: 1998, Acoustics — Determination of sound absorption coefficient and impedance in impedance tubes — Part 2: Transfer-function method


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