Ioana Alexandra MUSCĂ, Nicolae URSU-FISCHER, Diana Ioana POPESCU, Andrea VASS


:  In this paper, a program developed in C applying the "ray-tracing" method was used to study the distribution of sound energy inside an enclosure. The geometric problem was solved, which includes: defining the boundaries of the enclosure, setting the positions of source and receiver. The followings were calculated: positions of the sound rays leaving the source, the points of intersection with the obstacles, directions of the reflected rays. This process continues until every ray travels a way of a predefined length. Another step in this study is to determine the absorption due to obstacles and attenuation of sound ray in the air, the maximum length of the path covered by the sound ray - direct and reflected - defining the level of sound pressure.

Key words: ray-tracing method, sound field modeling, acoustics, sound power

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